Mind Maps: How the Mind Makes Decisions and How Unconscious Biases Affect our Decisions

Mind Maps: How the Mind Makes Decisions and How Unconcious Biases Affect Our Decisions

by Tracey Huguley

Sunday, August 4, 2024
9:30 am - 12:30 pm EST
Online Workshop

0.3 PPO CEUs

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*This workshop will be conducted in spoken English

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  This 3-hour (0.3 CEU’s) workshop will focus on ways humans make decisions which will give you the ability to make decisions that are more aligned with your intentions for your work and your life. We will discuss Nobel Prize winning theories of the mind. We will explore various biases and how they affect our decision making. This is important because our decisions affect our interpreting work and the people we work with. You will walk away with tools to be able to identify your decision-making processes and avoid some of the ways you make erroneous decisions. As we unpack our biases and make better decisions, we are then able to be stronger allies with our Deaf clients and/or our clients that come from groups that have been traditionally marginalized. The information you gain in this webinar will aid you in better aligning your decisions with your goals for your work and yourself personally.
Instructor Bio - Tracey Huguley, MA 
Tracey’s philosophy of cultivating a positive mindset of wonder and curiosity around learning helps to instill a creative desire in learners to grow and better themselves, and a confidence that their efforts can lead to powerful outcomes. Tracey’s customized and intuitive approach opens new doorways to learning and communication for both individuals and organizations. Her teaching methods of inclusion, collaboration, and emergence, along with achievable outcomes, will help students build personal pathways to greater awareness, reach personal and professional goals, and have a transformative educational experience. With a background of over 25 years as an educator and an ASL interpreter, Tracey combines her formal education and practical experience to provide engaging learning opportunities in each presentation or workshop she facilitates.

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August 4, 2024 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM


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