The National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf has developed numerous Standard Practice Papers to be used as a resource for interpreters and the general public.

On the RID website you will find several revised Standard Practice Papers as of 2007.

Many of the experts in our field have been involed with the revision process.

Below is a list of topics the newly revised RID Standard Practice Papers will cover:

  • Professional Sign Language Interpreting (2007)
  • Business Practices: Billing Considerations (2007)
  • Mentoring (2007)
  • Multiple Roles (2007)
  • Team Interpreting (2007)
  • Coordinating Interpreters for Conferences (2007)
  • Self-Care (2007)
  • Interpreting in Health Care Settings (2007)
  • Use of a Certified Deaf Interpreter (1997)
  • An Overview of K-12 Educational Interpreting (2010)
  • Interpreting in Legal Settings (2007)
  • Interpreting in Mental Health Settings (2007)
  • Interpreting in Religious Settings (2007)
  • Oral Transliteration (2007)
  • Interpreting for Individuals Who are Deaf-Blind (2007)
  • Video Relay Service (2007)
  • Video Remote Interpreting (2010)  

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