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Vacant Positions

Standing Committees

Ad Hoc Committees

Volunteer For Committees

If you feel you have the skills to contribute to any of these committees or if you just looking for a place to serve your organization these committees could use your help.  Contact the Board for more information.

Upon acceptance of an appointment as Chairperson:

  • Agree to serve in the position for the remainder of the Board's term.
  • Work to ensure that the Committee fulfills its function as determined by the Bylaws and Board.
  • Submit a written committee report to the Board Liaison (copy saved on floppy disk or sent via email to Board Secretary) prior to each Board and General meeting. In the heading of the document, include the committee name, your name, and the date of the report.
  • Receive and/or request direction, advice and guidance from the Committee's Board Liaison.
  • Forward all General Membership mailings to the Board Liaison for review prior to printing and distribution.
  • Contact each NJRID member who expresses interest in your committee. You will receive a list from the Membership Committee after all applications are reviewed and processed.
  • Notify the Board upon your decision to resign and provide recommendation for your replacement as Chairperson.

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