Dr. Cynthia L. Williams PhD, CI
Master Mentor

Cindy is an adjunct professor at the newly established four-year degree program in Linguistics with a Concentration in ASL-English Interpreting which opened for registration the fall of 2017 at Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ. She holds a certificate of completion from the Master Mentor Program, Northeaster University, Boston, Massachusetts. Her PhD was earned in 2011 where she studied Postsecondary education and adult learning. Cindy’s dissertation, “Sojourners of the Master Mentor Program: A Study of Effective Practice”, was published in 2011.  In 2013 a chapter of her work in mentoring was published in “Mentorship in Sign Language Interpreting” by Betsy Winston and Robert Lee.

Cindy is retired from Union County College where she was the coordinator of the Educational Interpreter Professional Development Center and an Assistant Professor in the ASL-English Interpreting, Educational Interpreting Programs and Psy/Soc Department.

Cindy is a published author on topics related to Demand Control Schema and mentoring and has been a community interpreter for 26 years in a variety of settings, however, mental health and substance abuse are her favorite.

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