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WANT TO BECOME A MENTOR ? NJRID MENTORING WHY? As a professional in the field, you provide guidance and support, while at the same time, become a better leader through being a mentor. You will also learn to become a better leader by demonstrating patience and shaping future, emerging and working interpreters. Mentoring gives you the opportunity to view the field from different perspectives, which will have a positive influence on your work (or on your own interpreting practice). REQUIREMENTS - NJRID member - One of below criteria: - Must have satisfactorily completed an interpreter education program - Obtained an EIPA score of 3.5 or higher or RID certification - At least five years interpreting experience - We recommend taking our Mentoring Workshop as this provides our program with structure and consistent learning. C ONTACT INFORMATION Please contact with any questions and one of the committee members will respond. EXPECTATIONS - Mentors are expected to engage in open dialogue, keeping agreed upon goals central to the mentor/mentee relationship. - Mentors should be flexible in meeting and communicating with mentees when providing guidance and feedback. - Navigate mentee along with sharing personal and professional experiences while conveying positive energy and excitement. Establish a plan Set up goals Provide skill based feedback Arrange a mid-point evaluation to discuss effectiveness of interpreting process Continue to work on goals Final discussion to discuss continued goals and establish if will continue partnership

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