If you've ever had a question about how NJRID operates, you've come to the right place…

The Bylaws are the foundation of our organization and hold the answers to many questions. Please download your copy of the NJRID Bylaws. For more information regarding the NJRID Bylaws, or to join the Bylaws committee, please contact The Board

Here are the forms available to members:

  • Proxy Form - Certified and Associate members may use this form to cast their vote at a General Meeting in the event they are unable to attend. 
  • Stipend Form - Stipends are offered for RID Biennial Conferences, Region One Conferences, NJRID State Conferences. Please check back here for the application about two months prior to each conference. The application will have details of the eligibility and reciprocity requirements, deadline dates, etc. Any questions contact  Leigh Zarem or Joan Morrissey,  Co-Chairs, Stipend Committee. Click here for current application guidelines for NJRID stipends.
  • NJRID Motions Form -  NJRID Members may use this form to present motions during the General Membership meeting.  Only motions presented prior to the meeting will be entertained during the meeting. 


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